what to expect

If you suspect your baby or child is tongue and/or lip tied, Dr. Tran can help! Lip ties are relatively straight-forward. So are anterior tongue ties. Posterior tongue ties? That requires much more information and understanding before reaching a decision on whether to release.


No matter what the tie, Dr. Tran will cover the following during your consultation:

  • Baby’s symptoms
  • Mom's symptoms
  • Oral functional assessment
  • Oral visual assessment
  • Education on proper suck and swallow
  • How the release is done
  • Aftercare

Knowledge is power, and Dr. Tran will be sure to empower you with the information needed to make a good decision.
Not sure if you want to go forward with the procedure? No worries, Dr. Tran is not one to pressure. The presence of a tie is one component, however family lifestyle, finances, and ability to commit to aftercare are just a few of many factors to consider. Dr. Tran is compassionate and does her absolute best to understand your family’s needs.


Dr. Tran has learned from the best! Why reinvent the wheel? These are Dr. Tran’s favorite resources and videos to refer to when it comes to aftercare:

Post-release aftercare instructions and videos by Dr. Bobby Ghaheri

Pre- and post-release mouth massages/suck training by Dr. Chelsea Pinto

Sleeping Tongue Posture Hold video by Michelle Emanuel, OTD, OTR/L

Dr. Tracy Tran prides herself on going the extra mile. Quite literally. Experience your doctor’s care from the comfort of your home in a concierge appointment or from her accessible locations across the LA county area.
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